Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Other Information, Images and Videos

Here are some more images of PIVOTE in action.

PIVOTE in use at St George's Hospital being used for training and assessing Paramedics.

PIVOTE being used by a local council project to teach young people about social issues such as knife-crime, sectarianism and terrirotialism. The avatar in the foreground is a cut-out, a 2D avatar that is easy to use and control from PIVOTE and great for crowds and colour. PIVOTE can also control 3D prim based avatars and even full SL avatars.

PIVOTE being used to teach adult learners about customer service in a simulated shop. PIVOTE controls the telephones and the "customers" who ring in on them with issues, and tracks the students use of resources to solve their problems. The shop if fitted with 2-way mirrors and CCTV so tutors and students can watch the learner without being visible to them.

The control point for the FVWC demo, showing the suitcase controller and the optional PIVOTE controls

The Wheelbarrow RCV moving through the debris with its light switched on. The Humvee burns in the background.

Firing the disrupter. This is a "physical" gun in Second Life which fires a bullet which must hit the IED to disrupt it. Unfortunately the RCV and gun are a bit old and battered so getting the right shot takes a few attempts! Until the IED is disabled the users avatar is not able to approach the scene in person.

With the IED out of the way the avatar can now walk down the road to the casualty. We've conveniently put the basic medical gear our - a splint and a cannula for the Morphine. You can even talk to the soldier to check how much pain he is in! Once all is done just use the radio to call in the Casevac, and the exercise is over. Don't forget to check the timer to see how well you've done.


Here are links to some videos of PIVOTE in action:

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